• Intro Ammolite I8 sec. Business Logo
  • Intro – House Mouse12 sec. Fast Business
  • Intro Hummingbird8 sec. Logo Intro
  • Electronic Intro – Tacka Tucka8 sec. Fast Logo Sound
  • Intro – Wolkenlos6 sec. Business Intro
  • Intro Nightlife20 sec. Dance Intro
  • Victory Fanfare III8 sec. Victory Fanfare


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What is an Intro?

Intro is the short form of introduction – typically a short presentation or teaser. It intends to give a brief overview of a product, company, or a specific content to a potential audience.

The action of introducing something to someone or to some audience

Where do we find Intros?

Intros can be found in connection with almost all media products such as books, movies, short videos, or music pieces. Companies use intros to start a product presentation or to present their business. To promote movies, trailers are most often used to introduce the main story in just a few minutes. It allows the audience to quickly find into the film, video or movie.

What is so important about an Intro?

To put it straight:

An Intro has to captivate the audience instantly and entirely!

If this is not happening, most of your audience will move or click away within seconds. An Intro must also be honest and should reflect your content or story. So, as you can see, a perfect intro is of outstanding importance. No matter how amazing your actual content is, a cheap and boring intro will never warp enough people to watch your incredible content. Make sure they do – and create an awesome start for your media!

We Love to Create new Intro Designs!

We are specialized in creating unique intros, teasers, trailers, and sound logos. We also provide short animations of a logo or product. Free-Intro-Music.com is one of the largest “ready to go” Royalty Free Intro Music libraries in the world. We create creative designs for businesses, products, cinematic trailers, logos, advertising products, industry products, and much more. If you need individual service, we love to get in touch, listen to your ideas and expectations and we advise you professionally and reliably.

What is a Jingle?

A Jingle is a short (usually a few seconds long) sound or audio piece. Jingles, or so called “hooks”, are usually closely associated with a TV series, commercial, a company, or brand. Basically every successful TV advertisement uses jingles, which most of us know for life.

What is an Audio Logo?

An Audio Logo or Sound Logo is usually a sound, tune or just a few arranged single tones which stand like a visual logo for a brand, company or a specific media composition. Remember the end of an Intel or the Coca Cola commercial

So, what is the difference?

There is no exact definition what the difference between a sound logo and a jingle actually is. Most people in the music industry use both terms synonymously and interchangeably. Maybe a good way to distinct both is to think of an Audio Logo as a short Jingle.

Where do we find Jingles?

A Jingle is typically used in commercials, for advertising or in TV series. Some of the most recognizable jingles are from the Universal Studios logo, 20 Century Pictures logo or Mc Donald’s. Remember the sounds of the Simpsons, Bonanza, Ghostbusters, or the Gummy bears most of use grew up with? You will likely never forget them.

How is Lino Rise Media creating Jingles?

First of all, we dive into the customers brand or company. We need to picture our client’s products and outputs as close as we can to get an exact impression of what we are dealing with and to make sure we are all on the same page. After the acquisition process, we talk this through and try to match our client’s expectation. We kick off the design process and deliver some drafted ideas. This is followed by reviews, sound design, and motion design until the final product is delivered to our customer. We are specialized in every field to achieve an individual, professional, and suitable product for our clients all over the world.


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